This is my first time posting to this page, and I've recently started making Macros...out of boredom and curiosity XD

and so i thought i would share them? 

They're not so great...im still learning!XP



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My first macros...

 OK, so after watching KAT-TUN's and Arashi's macros on the net, I decided to try ;)

Please, don't be too harsh - it took me less than 15 minutes (including uploading) to make these.

Oh, and sorry for big pictures - I'm still learning how to use some functions and this time I failed... I hope you'll forgive me

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Dead? Not yet Bitches!

for all of you who thought I'd let this community die,

Sorry for the lack of lolz lately but school was sucking the shit outta me!
Two more finals to go and I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna fail math tomorrow.
I just don't get a damn thing *cries*
Well enough personal shit, got some goodies for you.
Hope they'll make you laugh.

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